At Grace Baptist Church, we purpose to provide a thorough exposure to all of the Word of God in order to mature each adult to live a godly life that is based upon the Holy Scripture. Many of our adult class teachers have trained in Bible Colleges and/or seminaries. This training provides an excellent foundation of Biblical understanding for our adults.

To meet the individual adult needs, we provide classes for single adults, new believers, and young or mature married couples. Weekly home Bible studies for women are held throughout the year.We also regularly host activities to provide environment for fellowship and friendship. The material presented in each adult class is practical for every day Christian living. In each class, we practice discussion around various topics in Scripture to encourage active participation. Our plan is to cover the entire Bible over an 8 year span.

Single adult classes are held for both the college and career age and the young adults. There are several classes offered for the adults that include Trailblazers (20-30), Pathfinders (25-35), Primetimers (30-40), Grace Builders (open class) and Bereans (retired or near retired age). Different in style from our other adult classes, our ladies class is designed for fellowship, prayer, and interaction among those who attend. It encourages women as home-makers and mothers in their walk with the Lord.