Senior Pastor
David Levy
Assistant Pastor/OCS Administrator
Matt Tolosa

Church Secretary
Diane Weinberg

Cheryl Smith
(Not Pictured)

Facility Manager
Bob Johnson

Deacon Board
The deacons of Grace Baptist Church are selected from within the membership of the congregation. The members nominate and then vote on men who they believe model the characteristics of 1 Timothy 3:8-13. The deacons are called to serve the church and pastors regarding matters that will further individual and corporate growth. They do this by attending to issues within the church relating to spiritual and temporal needs that may arise.


Vice Chairman

Steve DeNuei

Paul Larson

Everett Holmes

Andy Smith

OCS Committee Representative
Noah Smith

OCS Committee Representative
Tim Greiner

Tom Kroll

Shawn Cowell

OCS Committee Representative
Lowell Kruse
OCS Committee Representative
Neal Jorgensen (Not Pictured)
Jim Martin (Not Pictured) John Oblak (Not Pictured)